Day of Joy

I finally had a good day.

There’s definitely something to say for a Happy Samantha. The truth of the matter is that I had such a good day yesterday, I was so excited, so happy, so – alive – that I spend the night at one of my closest friends house and ended up talking myself to sleep. I’ve not done that since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

When I was a small child and I was very excited about something I would not shut up about it. Not only would I not “shut-up-about-said-awesome-thing-I-was-excited-about” but I would ramble in nonsensical circles until my wee little brain became too exhausted to maintain my being awake and went into complete shut-down mode. It’s equivalent to that of blowing a fuse. One minute I’m completely awake and alert, the next I’m completely passed out on my belly.

That happened again yesterday. Said friend mentioned above, I thank you for listening to me ramble in circles.

Yesterday was awesome for a sheer number of reasons. They follow in this order:

1. Samantha decided – “IMMA GONNA DO IT, IMMA GONNA BE BY MYSELF” and decided that moving back to parental nest was, though a financially cheaper option, truly not in my best interest. So I sent a cute and quaint little email over to the Loft’s off the Square in the town I currently resident in only to have a phone call nearly three minutes later. They are going to work with me on everything – rental amount, application fees, deposits. You. name. it. I’m finally going to have a place of my own! My. Own. Space.

2. I get back to my desk only to find that my house is going to be rented by a sweet couple with a little boy. For a year. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing.

So now I’m all like – yesssssss, seize the day! Seize the night! I’m an unstoppable little train of happy energy! I’m going to make my life of ME! Of myself. Of my own ambitions and goals. And damn it, I dont have to clean up after anyone but myself ever again!

Halleluiah! … and if I don’t succeed then I hear that the Jesus dude “screwed up the rapture date” and now it’s really set for October. Someone needs to give that guy a compass, a bottle of gin and a blindfold and have him dropped off in the middle of the wilderness. Maybe he’ll find Jesus that way.

Yaya! Happiness. I like Happiness.

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