Country music and summer air

I’m a born and raised Southern Girl who has tried to escape the reality that I am just that: A Southern Georgia Peach.

Meanwhile, I don’t have a southern accent and the only real country thing I say is “y’all”. I say “ma” like a good ol’ Yankee and I also say “ya know” with that thick Italian push on the “know”. Honestly, I’m just a confused little creature with all different types of idioms pulling at me in all directions.

Last night, however, I tapped into that Southern girl. I had finished boxing up some things at the house and could no longer see inside the POD in order to continue packing. So I hopped in the shower, lightly dried my hair and headed over to my friends house to crash for the evening. I rolled down the windows and the air was just right. It was warm, but not hot. It was dry and crisp and it ran through my hair. It was absolutely wonderful. There really is something about that Southern air and country music I love so much.

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