Facebook official, why the hell does that matter?

Facebook official, why does that matter?

I’ll tell you why it does. Last night on my way home from work I got a text message from my soon-to-be-ex-husband that said “maybe we should just post on the forum.” The ambiguity of what we should post on the forum precluded me – what the hell is he talking about? The washer and dryer? Should we put them up for sale? Should we post that I’m looking for a place to live? Completely befuddled I texted back “post what on the forum?”

His response is what still completely set me back.

“About the divorce,” he says.

What!? You’re kidding me?! You want to post about our divorce on a public ultimate frisbee forum? You, Mr. I’m-so-private-that-I-don’t-like-anyone-to-know-a-damn-thing-about-me wants to post on a public forum that we are getting divorced? No. HELL NO. Absolutely not. Has hell frozen over? Have pigs sprouted wings and can fly now? Did the rapture actually happen and I just didn’t get the memo? Some type of cosmic event must have occurred recently and if you happen to know what it is, please – let me know as soon as possible. Largely because I’ve considered making a tin-foil hat or finding some crazy nut job out west to make me an armadillo helmet. I’ve not decided as I’m not sure what type of beast I’m fighting.

So, after a texting battle, mainly because I refused to answer the phone, he sends me the rough draft of what it is he wants to post. He says that this will make things easier on him so that people don’t constantly come up this summer and ask him what is going on between us. I say let them ask – let the rumors flock instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano; let them fall off the Hawaiian cliffs like the water from the tallest waterfall – seriously, let them talk. Who cares! The people who want to know the truth will ask and the people who want to dance themselves around the rumor mill filling their minds with fictitious fantasy may do so.  After all, those who do were never our friends to begin with.

He won. As always. (see the ending of the last post, I’m a push over) However, instead of posting it to the public forum I at least convinced him that emailing a select group of people was by far a superior idea than posting online.

Seriously. This is the stupidest, most off the wall idea he’s ever had. So much for my trying to be quiet and keep things so personal.

Though, in the midst of my rage, I changed everything on Facebook. Guess it’s Facebook official and that’s all that really matters, right?


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