Loss of Life

I woke this morning as I always do: exhausted and craving more sleep. I’ve been having issues sleeping lately. I’m not really quite sure if its because of the work that is piling up in my head and poking around my nervous system with a hot poker, or if it just that I’m revisiting my insomnia days.

This morning is different. I got to work, poured myself a big cup-o-joe and sat down to read the morning newsfeed, Reddit, the Huffington Post – just the general checking of things that Sam does. However, my news feed was enough to start the morning off in a somber mood.

In high school I dated a man named William and for everything that William is worth (which is a lot – he’s still one of the sweetest people I know) it was because his mother was there, pushing him, loving him and caring for him. I called her my “Mona Angel” because she was the most genuinely beautiful woman I’d ever met and the love she had in heart was so great that I felt it would move mountains. I still, to this day, can’t recall a single day when I saw a frown on her face. Even in the hardest of times for her, she always found the good and always tried to share that love and that greatness with others.

This morning, as I sipped on my warm cup of coffee, reading my news feed I found something very heart breaking: My Mona Angel has found her way to Heaven. I’m still not sure what it is that happened, or how it happened, but the one thing I am sure of is that the world has lost a person who loved unconditionally. The world has lost a woman who believed in the good that is deep within everyone. I’m not a religious person, nor have I ever really tried to be, but if I were I would say that Heaven just received a new resident that will give all those angels a run for their money.

Dear sweet Mona, even after nearly ten years, you still checked in on me on Facebook and sent me the sweetest little notes. You brightened my darkest days when I thought that no one else could. I loved reading your statuses that were always so full of positivity and faith. I loved how excited you were for your new grandson, James. I loved how much love you had for your family and for your friends. Dear sweet Mona, I miss you. The world has lost a truly amazing and wonderful person. There will never be another you.

Love you, miss you, and know you’re up there smiling down on everyone. We all love you. We all miss you.

Hugs, kisses and everything.


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