Bite your nose

I just thought of this while I was at lunch. The discussion of babies came up and quite honestly the idea of my own self reproduction is a terrifying thought.

However, there is a special little guy that I adore. I was fortunate to be able to spend some time with him last night at the ultimate fields and was very quick to be a baby snatcher and parade him around the fields before games. Good thing I’m crazy Aunt Sam to him and it’s a good thing his parents are my really good friends. It also helps that the kid is absolutely freaking adorable.

He’s getting so big and he’s growing so fast, but the little guy is already so resilient. He’s learning and he’s growing – he’s a little parrot who repeats things and mimics your facial movements. He falls over, gets hurt, starts to cry, but sucks it up and after a good hug and cooing he’s back at it. It’s admirable and children should be reminder to everyone that just because you’re not an infant, or toddler, or child doesn’t mean that you can’t fall down, cry about it for a minute, have someone give you a hug and then keep on chugging through life.

Children never lament on things. They never sit there angry at their feet and tiny little legs for not being able to hold them up and causing them to fall and whack their heads. They never hold a grudge towards the Crazy Aunt Sam who absentmindedly forgot that he’s not able to hold himself up for a long period of time and sent him crashing face first into his moms shin. Instead, they cry about it for a minute, get bounced on momma’s knee being told “you’re alright buddy, it just scared you” and then is back to being a happy little guy with that big old grin.

Last night, after I let him bump his head, I sat on the ground while he sat on his moms lap eating Cheerios and was making faces at him. He was putting his forehead on mine and we were making “bah” “bah” “bah” noises at each other. The next thing I know I have this little mans bran new teeth sinking straight into my nose and pulling. The only thing that I could do was hold onto the pain until he let go and try and laugh it off. Inflicting pain on someone is easy when you’re that little and that cute.

Life is like that. Sometimes you’re going to feel pain and the only thing you can do is laugh about it, because truthfully, it’s really damn funny. After all, if you think about it, I had a one year old little munchkin attached to my nose for about 20 seconds. Imagine that!

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