High school never leaves us

High school was a bitch for just about everyone I know. I’m not friends with the Prom Queen or King and I never dated the high school Quarter Back, or was a Cheerleader, or dated the star Soccer player. I was a dork. I was in Orchestra. I had braces and glasses. I was an athlete: swimmer and softball player. I was the same social butterfly that I am now in that I had friends in all groups: drama people, band nerds, orch dorks, goth friends, athlete friends – and that’s what allowed me to survive. I was friends with everyone because I was never judgmental and I didn’t hold myself to sit atop a pretty little pedestal and pretend like I was better than anyone.

I always think of The Breakfast Club when I think about high school. I wish that it was that simple. I wish that a Saturday detention could bring together the five most recognized social groups of high school: the jock, the popular rich girl, the science nerd, the goth and the rebel and make them all friends by the end of the day. The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t and it won’t. High school is still the same now as it was in 1985, or in the 60’s with Grease. The only thing that changes are the clothes and the technology.

The other thing about high school that I thought I had escaped would be the trivial gossip and rumors. “It’s all about the he said, she said, bullshit” (For some reason I’m on a YouTube linking kick this morning) Whats up, Limp Bizkit! I figured I’d give you a shout out since this song came out during my freshman year of high school and seems super relative. You would think that people would grow out of the trivial rumor spreading and the gossip. The only thing that grows are the cars, the money and the ability to now gossip with legal adult beverages in hand. Knocking back a tall one and chattering about what’s going on with everyone and their lives must be really awesome still – sorry, I guess I left that memo in high school. Right along with my overly doodled on note books, braces, nerdy turtle shell glasses and baggy jeans.

What I thought in high school still applies now: People who gossip and spread rumors about people are just pissed off that their life isn’t as interesting as they want it to be. So the way they make their lives more interesting is by relishing in the lives of others and making up fabrications in order to live in the moment, because at that point in time all the “juicy information” is pouring like venom from their tongue and dancing into the ears of those who are listening. For that moment in time, the gossip spreader is the most important person in the room because they have the “news.” They embellish, they leave out details, and they add some just for you! They do this to make things even more interesting, and even further than from the truth, but hey! They don’t have to worry about it, so they just keep on keepin’ on. It almost becomes a high for them. An adrenaline rush. Holy crap, people are actually paying attention to me! But the one thing they are forgetting is how everything comes back to bite you in the ass eventually.

One thought on “High school never leaves us

  1. I agree! That kind of BS never goes away! Sometimes it’s even hard to stay out of it but the people who matter know the truth and that’s all that counts. Stupid people exist everywhere and at all ages!

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