A Full Shower

I’ve had a bit of writers block lately. I’ll start writing something only to get frustrated with it, delete it, or save it as a draft that I will knowingly toss several months from now. I get like this, though, where I get inside my own head and feel like I have to write something because I haven’t written in a while, but everything feels elementary to me, so I stop.

Then, in the midst of a conversation with someone, or I’ll hear something, or see something, and it will inspire me to write. Sometimes, though, I suck at life and cant remember the great idea I had. That’s why I have MoleSkins now (If anyone really wants to, they can buy me some…I love these things…and go through them super fast…and I prefer the small, unlined paged ones…[hopeful]) and I’ll quickly scribble down what it is I thought about. I’ll either keep them as a memory, or for the possible next topic, or poem, or short story. Sometimes it’s just hilarious little blurbs. Sometimes they are just random thoughts in my mind that sound interesting and sometimes I’ll completely free-write. Free writing is where I put pen to page and just write whatever comes out without holding back and no fear of it making any logical sense. For example, I have this blurb scribbled sideways down a page: “Fire burning, oceanic tides crashing upon heartless shores of paradoxical images.”

I have no idea what the hell that means. Don’t try and decipher it. I have others, if you’re really interested, but if you’ve never tried free writing, you should. It’s what I like to call “leeching”. Minus the whole blood sucking, slimy ass creatures, with creepy little teeth, it serves its purpose of draining you of all the thoughts stuck up in your head. Once you really learn to relax your head and your heart and give yourself to the page (kinky, huh?) it really is amazing.

So, A Full Shower. Interesting, hm? One of my office mates in my department has a daughter who is very eccentric and colorful – anything but vanilla – and my office mate will come back with her daughters “isms” that always make me laugh. I’ve met her daughter, too, and she really is hilarious. So the latest “ism” is “A Full Shower”. Sharon comes over to my office and tells me that she has a funny.

Apparently, the night before, her daughter said that she needed to take “a full shower”. Bemused, I look at Sharon. She explains that she gave her daughter the same exact face.

“Lemme explain” her daughter says, “it’s when you have to do the whole thing: wash your hair, shave your legs, shave your under arms, shave your bikini line, condition your hair, scrub your face. It’s when you have to do it all. It’s when you need a shower from your shower because you have to work so hard to get through it all. It’s the kind of shower that leaves your fingers like prunes.”

It cracked me up, but then I realized that I knew exactly what she was talking about. Sometimes you have to get in and go for the long haul. The knowing that you’ve got to pay special attention to every part of your body and make sure that you don’t miss a spot. Sometimes it sucks, but sometimes its absolutely worth it (Yes, now I’m using the shower as a metaphor) but its like life. Sometime days you can just jump in and jump out and its an okay day, but others you’ve really gotta dig. You’ve got to pay attention to every single detail that is in your life and give it special attention.

Sometimes you just really need a full shower to get through it all.

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