Trite: is it blue or green?

Hey, look! I got bored and changed my theme for my blog. It needed something new.  It needed some revival. Maybe I’m just strange, but I felt like it needed to be less vanilla. I hope you like it. I do.

This morning on my way to work I was stopped at a light off Atlanta Road. Casually, while french braiding my hair, I looked to my right and then looked back to the car in front of me. Then, it dawned on me. What. the. hell. . . It was one of those instances where it’s early enough in the morning that you haven’t got all of the sleep out of your eyes; your mouth, though your teeth have been brushed, still feels a little dry, and you’ve had a late enough night that you never doubt your mind and its ability to play tricks on you. Clearly, I didn’t see what I thought I just saw.

But, I did. Violently, I whipped my head back around and in utter amazement, I stared, completely befuddled, at what I was looking at. It was a bright, blue, poodle. I’m not even embellishing in the slightest bit, the damn thing was blue. If you’ve not clicked on the link, you should. That’s exactly what I was looking at on the side of Atlanta Road. It looked like it walked right off of a Willy Wonka movie set or belonged in some movie directed by Tim Burton. The only thing I’m sad about is not being able to grab my phone fast enough to take a picture before the light changed. It was the most interesting and eyebrow-raising thing I’d experienced on a morning drive in quite some time.

It got me thinking: is this poodle a victim of a woman (as it was a woman who was walking her on a leash) and a bottle of dye? Or, is this poodle really blessed by the creator with this paisley blue fur? Who would actually dye a dog blue? What’s the purpose? Aren’t animals supposed to resemble their owners? This woman didn’t have blue hair, but then again, she may have. I was too entranced by the hypnotically blue haired creature standing on all fours at her feet. I ended up thinking about the dog for another five minutes after I continued my drive towards my office.

Then, I remembered the woman I’ve passed every day on my way to work for the better part of three weeks. She belongs in this post, too. I’ve taken the same route for the past few weeks of living in Smynra with the two most awesome people in the world, and I’ve passed this woman, nearly every day. Ethnically, I’m not sure where she falls; but, I do know that she is absolutely beautiful. She has this olive color skin tone, with this beautiful dark underlying complexion. She looks anywhere from African American, to Filipino to American Indian. She’s gorgeous. She rocks the skinny jeans, jacket and the complete punk rocker look. You’re wondering why she is important? Well, she rocks her look all the way to the strange array of green hair on top of her head. It’s weird, but it’s fitting.  It’s in a Mohawk type shape, but there is freedom in the green as it charismatically bounces while she walks on her way to where ever it may be that she is headed. Clearly, I’ve passed this woman enough to have studied her. There is a freedom, a sense of personality, a freshness that I associate with her. I’ve come to expect to see her on my morning drives and watch this green haired, beautiful woman walk down the road. I really wonder who she is, what she is about, where her personality comes from. Clearly, she stands out just as much as the blue poodle I experienced this morning.

On this morning, because of the blue poodle, I was even more excited to see the Green Haired Beauty. Between both eccentric colors that vivaciously livened my Tuesday drive, I realized how trite people can be in personality, in appearance, and in association. I’m trite – hell, I’m stereotypical. I’m a blond haired, blue eyed girl of twenty five. I’m vanilla. I don’t stand out. I’m trite. All of a sudden, I have a thirst for something that makes me stand out above the crowd. To quote Jason Mraz, “What will happen to a face in the crowd when it finally gets too crowded?” I have this desire, this urge, to do something ridiculous to make myself be more noticeable, like the poodle or Green Haired Beauty. I want to have enough courage in myself to be able to pull off something as amazing. Maybe it’s just because I find beauty in the most ridiculous of things, but I wonder if anyone ever passes me every day and wonders about me. I wonder if I’ve ever passed anyone, or sat next to someone in class, or smiled at someone and they wonder “who is that girl?” Is that trite? Am I trite? I’m trite. It’s okay, I suppose.

I have an overwhelming desire to pierce my nose. I want my tattoo. I want to dye my hair red. Or purple. I want to be…me? Continuously searching for who that is….

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