Ebony guitar and Red Heels

On Monday night I had the privileged to be graced with the ever beautiful melodies of Julie Holmes. Julie and I met nearly three years ago when she was just a sophomore in high school and I have loved watching her grow into an amazingly talented, blindingly beautiful young woman in various aspects of her life. She is truly the most remarkable young woman I know. Honestly, I feel like I learn more from her than she from me at times. She’s gifted. She’s insightful and intelligent, but more than anything, she has the most amazing voice and I could listen to her sing for hours.

Julie’s voice is so different from that of typical female singers of our current age. She holds this bluesy, jazzy, swanky and soulful voice that feels like it belongs somewhere in the Louisiana Bayou with an old, vintage microphone; but then there she is, with this voice projecting out of this five foot eight, chocolate colored brunette with adorable little red high heels and this ebony color guitar. In my most humble of opinions, she’s a cross between Adele, Amy Winehouse and Nora Jones.

My two favorite songs that she sings are Maroon 5, Secret and Stitched up, by John Mayer, but her musical arrangement stretch far beyond the two contemporary songs. She saves Bon Jovi for “when everyone is drunk and happy” but agreed, upon request from the man in the blue shirt, to play it before her ten minute break. She sang Dead or Alive changing the lyrics only to match her, as she is a “cowgirl”, and spiced up the tempo and inflection of the words. Hallelujah is also a song that she sings that covers my arms with goosebumps. It was the very first song that I ever heard her sing, actually, as we drove to a tournament together. She’s simply amazing and the song, while it is a favorite for its lyrics, are only made even more mesmerizing by her soulful voice.

She also sang Rascal Flats, One Republic, Howie Day, a song by a “Ginger Boy”,  Matt Nathanson, and Boulevard by Green Day, but in a Julie style. Julie is always accompanied by her beautiful guitar and she’s absolutely fearless behind the mic. Her confidence can only be described as one thing: impressive. She’s truly gifted, talented and worth whatever drive you can make to listen to her sing.

Check her out on Facebook, it’s the very first link in the post, and become a fan. Show your support, make your way out to listen to her, she’s worth every minute of it.

Here’s to you, Julie! I know you’re going to go far. . . I can’t wait to be there when you make it.

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