Save a Puppy, Save a Life

Hi! Okay, I write this pleading to help me save the life of a sweet, adorable animal. All animals need love, all animals need a place to call home. I would take him, but my complex won’t let me. 

A Friend of mine through the ultimate community works for the CDC, here is her post about the puppy:

As some of you know, I work in Atlanta’s parks in the early mornings catching birds (and releasing them) as part of a West Nile Virus surveillance study. Yesterday morning I was working in Grant Park and while I was manning my bird traps, an adorable pit bull puppy that had been tied to a tree in the park and broken free adopted me. 

He is approximately 8-9 months old, healthy, clean teeth, and well trained, — just needs to be neutered (which I will pay for). He remained glued to my side all morning, as I did my work with the birds (he remained calm while I was holding birds in my hands). He walked beside me as I walked through the park cleaning up my traps — in spite of the numerous kids and other dogs all around. He would not leave my side. I was afraid if I got in my car to drive away he would try to follow and get hit by a car so I took him in my car with the intention of finding a no-kill shelter to bring him to. 

Of course, everything was full. I brought him to a friend’s house on my quest to find a shelter that would take him and he played great with my friend’s dog and the kids in the neighborhood. He walks perfectly on a leash and he happily and easily let me give him a bath. I can’t take him in to keep or foster because I already have 3 dogs (one of whom is aggressive to other dogs). I called every rescue and shelter I could think of, with no luck. I had no choice but to bring him to Fulton County Animal Services (FCAS), where I was told he would have 7 days. 

This dog is everything a pit bull can be — smart, sweet, loyal, well-behaved, social, cute, and friendly. Can anyone please help me find some way to help this kind soul? He will be a wonderful pet and is totally adoptable. I will pay to get him out of FCAS and help him find a forever home, if someone can just help me find a temporary foster home where he can stay while we try to help him and keep him from being euthanized. Please, I will go out of my way to help him.

Thanks, Bex

The update is that if he’s not adopted by Thursday he is going to be euthanized. Please, please – help me save this guy. Feel free to email me at sgschaffer at gmail dot com or Bex at lotusbex gmail dot com. 

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