New Chapters

To many people, life has been referenced to as chapters of a book. After all, everyone is writing their own stories complete with a beginning, middle and end. Some people aren’t nearly as lucky as others in that they are not able to fully write their own stories by themselves and some are so fortunate to color their stories with the exotic tales of foreign lands, foods, dancing, culture and the general “life.” Life comes in chapters. I look back at my life and can see it in chapters. From birth until about the age of 5 I would consider a chapter completed with a high learning curve and a complete dependency upon my parents, obviously, I was five. From ages six until I was about twelve was another, completely different chapter, mainly due to my younger brother. My miracle child brother (mom was told she couldn’t have kids between him and I) ended up being very sick as a child leaving me to be brought up almost exclusively by my Nonnie and Pop.

Then from the dreaded ages of thirteen to sixteen. Nobody could pay me enough money to be that age again – it’s the age when you’re old enough to recognize sass, to have a bit of wit, to understand things around you, but you’re undeniably stuck in this hole of uncertainty. You have no freedom because you’re still completely dependent upon your parents for money, rides, and permission to do this and that. I can remember being fifteen, nearly a month before I got my licenses, and having this anxiety driven fit because I was stuck at home but wanted, so badly, to be out in the world discovering life. It felt like time was moving backwards – I couldn’t wait to get out. Until I did.

Ages sixteen to nineteen are all a blur. Fast cars and freedom, to quote Rascal Flats. I worked, I dated, I drove all over the place. Sixteen to nineteen, complete blur. ,

Then obviously, the marriage chapter of my life. I’ve gone through it before,  I don’t really want to go through it again (that is, explaining it).

However, I’ve turned the page. Yesterday, August 9th, marked the start to a completely new chapter of my life. In one fell swoop, I was officially recognized by the lovely State of Georgia as “Stovall” again, as well as completely moved into my new apartment. In one day, my life changed drastically, and for the better. My new chapter of my life began, but it wasn’t alone. I kept thinking that I needed to be alone in order to do all of these things, but I’m not. I have so many wonderful friends, so many awesome people, that I just love being around. I have so many people who I care about and who care about me, too. My new chapter of my life is full of love for friends – the very, very important element to my life.  I’m happy. I’m so grateful for everything everyone has done for me. I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. I love you all.

So here’s to new life! To new beginnings, but not without forgetting those of the old. Each chapter in life is a building block – you must learn from your past in order to better your future. I’ve learned a lot about who I am, and I’ve learned a lot about life and I’m excited to continue to grow and continue to learn more. To all, to everyone who has been apart of my life, thank you. I’m very grateful for everything.

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