My Paintings

There are few of you who know that I paint and even fewer who have actually seen any of my work. Some of the work I have is gone, but for the most part I still have a fair amount of them. So, I’ve decided to share them. As a back story, I just recently started painting. My Nonnie, who has been referenced multiple of times throughout my blog, was an amazing artist and painter. When she passed away she left behind all of her art and her supplies. My Pop gave me her paint brushes.  When I paint I feel like she’s with me.

"Watchful"  This is the very first painting that I did. I don’t really name my paintings, but I’ve been calling this one “Watchful” because (if you didn’t see) the eye that is looking down. I painted this one back in January of this year. The colors are fairly dark, and symbolic of the rather dark mental state that I was in for a while. The tension between the colors and blending also are indicative of the tension that I felt between my head and my heart. There’s a general directional upheaval with the colors and the directions of the lines that make this painting interesting (to me).

The one on the right is the second painting that I did in February of this year.

It’s actually great because it was  the first  painting that I did that I absolutely hated. Even though you can’t see it because I painted over it….I couldn’t stand it! I tried being to artistic and I tired painting a woman. End result?  I couldn’t bare to look at it. So I painted over it, hence the extremely loud colors. Though, what this painting did was allowed me the mental freedom to acknowledge that all things can be changed, and all things can be made better. You can’t see the woman, but you can see the extreme colors. This is definitely one of my more vibrant paintings.





This one I don’t have anymore. The background is a light pink. I was looking at a red fern and it was my inspiration.








This painting is one of my favorites. The colors are hard to see in this picture, but I didn’t use a paint brush for this piece. I used a flat top plastic brush type thing that allowed for this beautiful scratched look. I gave this piece to my office mate for Mothers Day. It’s now hanging in her house. She says it looks like a peacock feather. This one was a lot of fun, and the blues, greens, whites and purples really make it one of my favorite color schemes.








I love this piece. It’s not completely done by me, rather, I tried to teach someone how to paint. Instead, we finger painted because using the brush wasn’t nearly as fun as painting with our fingers. Fun times. The great thing about this painting is that it can go in any direction and still be just as fun to look at as it was to paint. This one is definitely special.



This one is my favorite painting. I painted this one in March. I don’t really even know what to say about it other than it has been my favorite piece and the most fun to paint. Colors are blues, purples, greens and hints of red. This one is currently on my display easel  on my bedroom dresser. I love this one almost to the point of narcissism.








The painting on the right is a favorite of many. I was offered $75.00 for this painting but couldn’t part with it. There’s something about it that I love and I’m not sure whether its the 1600’s Renaissance feel or just almost butterfly effect, but this one was extremely fun and I was exceptionally pleased with its outcome.










This is my most recent work. It’s pretty crazy.


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