Fascination with Pan: The Neverland Day

Thank you, first and foremost, Matt, as you’ve inspired my writing for today.

I’m not going to lie; I’m quite bitter. In fact, I’m a very jaded little creature rolling around in the adult world so pissed off that I never had the experience of the young adult life of no rules, no regulations and no responsibilities. I’ve always had the grown up life and I’ve always acted well beyond my age. I’m starting to realize what it is about the story of Peter Pan that is so alluring.

I remember when I was quite small watching Peter Pan over and over again and never really enjoying it as much as I should. I was much more drawn to the other classics such as The Jungle Book, Cinderella, The Rescuers Down Under, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Now, however, if I could relish in the life of any of these fictitious characters, it would definitely be Pan. Sure, Cinderella and Ariel get their Princes, The Rescuers have an awesome adventure and Mowgli gets to grow up in the wild and then move into civilization (but I’m taking a linguistics class right now and I can tell you that he’ll probably never have a vocabulary capable of communicating to those in civilization – ha, ha) – but Pan? Pan gets Neverland. Pan has a never ending life of youth, freedom and exploration. His responsibilities are futile. He doesn’t have random AC/Furnace repairs that cost $3100 of your portion of funding that you so desperately tried to save all summer. He doesn’t get a scholarship the semester that it all changes and all of a sudden doesn’t cover the full tuition leaving you to fork over another $1023.28. He has adventures! Fighting Hook! Flying with Wendy! Adventures with Tiger Lilly and Tink.

So, in lieu of my young adult life, I’m challenging myself. I have to be an adult, yes. After all, it’s what being 25 entails. I have bills, I have to go to school, work, and people depend on me. However, once a month, I’m going to give myself a Neverland day. I’m going to challenge myself to have a guilt free, freedom day, to do whatever fun, crazy thing I can think of. To get randomly lost and play outside. To find some adventure – to explore. To be free. Zero negativity, zero responsibility. Just – fun.

We all need a little fun in our lives – and I need a NeverLand Day.

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