New Years, New Rules, Gonna break em..

As the new year is rapidly approaching many of us are scribbling down, or mentally note taking, the new and improved “selves” that we are to become in the New Year. Cheers! To 2012!

My mom – – well, she keeps saying that “In January I’m going to start running again” and “In January I’m going to try and quit smoking again” and “In January…” There is a huge problem with this, because it will turn into “January got here too fast; I’ll just wait until February.” Which will turn into March, then April, and then before you know it it’s the summer time again and she’s not done anything yet. Mom, if you’re reading this, which I doubt you are…

I’ve never been one to make New Years Resolutions, in part because I’ve always been around those who break them so easily by February 1st. They are like big jokes to me. A few years ago my N.Y.R. (gotta initialize this beast) was to become an Elephant. I said this because a friend of mine at the time had some outrageous N.Y.R. to loose 20lbs before February 15th. A valiant attempt that lasted until January 8th when she got extremely tired of running every morning, not drinking soda, and eating healthy. The probability of my becoming an Elephant was probably greater than her weight loss. On a funny note, I remember a friend of mine from the bar I used to work at also worked as a lifeguard at the local YMCA. He said that gym memberships spike up by 30% in January and most are canceled by March 1st. Interesting. Interesting.

My point is to not discourage N.Y.R., but rather to make them more attainable. The bar is always set way too high. Also, I really don’t think you need to wait until a certain day to change things about yourself, or your lifestyle. It should be something that you want to do, not some d-day date staring you down like a teacher in detention.

So I’ve decided to do a mash-up. Listed below are the top 10 good things that I learned in 2011 that I’m going to carry into 2012, as well as the top 10 bad things that I’m going to nip in the bud and not carry over to 2012. And – as a bit of fun – a few things that I want to try and do in 2012.

Lets start with the good stuff that I learned in 2011:

1. Being honest with yourself is a key to happiness! When you’re honest with yourself, you’re honest with others and it makes relationships with everyone stronger.

2. Friends are super, super important. Hold onto all of yours – they make your life amazing.

3. It’s absolutely okay to be scared. Life is scary sometimes. There are two kinds of people in this world – the ones who admit they are scared and those who are big, fat liars.

4. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. Life is hard, and asking for some help now and then is not only healthy, but necessary for your sanity.

5. Food is a good thing for your body. So is exercise.

6. Taking personal time to let your mind and body heal is very important.

7. Being selfish every now and then isn’t a bad thing. You’ve gotta look out for number one, and that’s always got to be you. “There is a big difference between selfishness and looking out for your own self interest.”

8. Love is not a bad thing, and it comes in many different forms.

9. Going out on a limb may not work out in your favor, but sometimes the risk is worth it and the payoff is great.

10. Never give in and forget your dreams.

The stuff I learned in 2011 that is bad, and that I wont let happen in 2012:

1. Complacency is absolutely terrible. Becoming complacent is like admitting defeat in life.

2. Giving up your dreams for someone else is not a relationship, it’s a more like a giving up your life. Your dreams and theirs should be one in the same.

3. Letting yourself fall into a hole so deep that you can’t see the light at the top is terrifying. See #4 above.

4. Friends are only true friends if they are there for you without indebtedness.

Actually, let’s just leave it with those things. That’s really what I learned, and I really like the top 10 good things better.

Here are the things I want to try in 2012:

1. I want to try to be a vegetarian a gain. I’ve done this before, and lasted for a few weeks, but I’d like to try and do it one more time. I’ve always been more of a Pescetarian than anything else – but I think I may go back to eating strictly fish, veggies and fruits.

2. I’m going to stop drinking soda again. I did this for nearly five months from February to July – and then summer league frisbee sat in and there is nothing more lovely than an ice-cold Coke-A-Cola on the table after a long, hot, day of summer ultimate. Getting off the soda again will be great.

3. I want to try and eat more locally. Getting veggies from the farmers markets. Supporting the locally owned and operated places – farmers, restaurants, etc.

4. I’m going to run my first ever 5k. It’s on March 31st. I want to run it for a good time, and hope to run it in 23-26 minutes. That’s my goal. I want to run more 5ks and work my way up to a marathon. I want to become a runner.

5. I want to travel to some more, super awesome, out door climbing places with friends. I want to become a better climber.

"Bleeding" . 8x8 canvas. Charcoal, Watercolor and acrylic.

6. I’m going to continue painting and challenge myself to venture out. I’ve already started doing this, as I incorporated some water colors, acrylic and charcoal in one painting. It actually turned out really well. (look, pretty picture)

7. I want to be adventurous and travel a good bit this year, too. All within the states for the time being, but I’d really like to see some totally awesome places that I’ve never been too.

8. I want to be a better daughter and sister to my parents and my brother. I want to give up the animosity I have towards my brother, towards my family, and despite that they make no attempt to come see me, I’ll try and venture to their side of town more frequently.

9. I want to continue to kick some serious ass in school. My goal for the Spring Semester is 4.0 – an absolutely attainable goal.

10. I’m going to make more time for “easy reading”. I can’t say “pleasure reading” because it immediately makes me think of reading dirty magazines or novels. Or the image of Chris Farley in “Billy Madison” when he is quizzing Billy. <quiver>  On the book list for January: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Her Fearful Symmetry, White Teeth, and The History of Love. I want to finish at least two of these before the summer gets here. Mind you, I’m an English Major – I read a lot for school.

And finally –  I’m going to jump, head first, off the edge of a cliff. I’m taking a risk, I’m jumping, and I have a feeling that the reward is going to be simply amazing. Lt3.

2 thoughts on “New Years, New Rules, Gonna break em..

  1. Sam, I have two comments.

    1. I love the bleeding flower painting.
    2. (I forget the source, am paraphrasing, and perhaps you’ve heard it before, but) Yesterday I read about this motivational speaker addressing a crowd of young go-getters, people that do a lot, are successful, what-have-you. The speaker, to illustrate his point and round out the presentation, brought out a large mason jar, empty. On the table with the jar were stones, rocks, pebbles, and sand. The speaker starts by putting the stones inside, which reach up to the jar’s mouth…he asks the crowd “Is the jar full?” to which he gets a resounding “yes!”
    To prove his disagreement, the speaker reaches for the rocks and puts them in one-by-one until, again, the rocks reach the top. Less resoundingly, the speaker’s “Is the jar full?” question gets a “sort of” in reply. So he press on: the speaker goes for the sand and pours it in over the stones and rocks until its nearly to the top, as well. His “is the jar full?” gets back more “No” responses than yes, which he’s excited about. The crowd may actually understand…
    The speaker grabs his bottle of water and pours as much of it will go into the jar. Finally, his little experiment is nearly done. And he asks the crowd what this demonstrates. An especially ambitious go-getter raises his hand and says “that there’s always more room in our schedules!” The speaker shakes his head and corrects the young man:
    “No, this shows that unless you put the big things into your life first, they won’t fit later.” Which I really like. I can just picture not prioritizing my family, or health, or close friends. Maybe one of those three stones would get locked out by a couple more rocks, pebbles, and water.
    This is a reminder that we have a choice not just between what we do every day, but what we consider our stones, our rocks, our pebbles, and our water. Sounds like your stones for 2012 are health, adventure, loved ones, hard work and leisure. That’s cool. I’m on board. Let me know where I can fit and help.

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