The internet is for bullshit.

Now I understand why people are idiots. They, like myself, seek the internet for help and guidance. I’ve had a shit-tastic morning, and what do I do when I’m in a shit-tastic mood? I clean. I clean, and think, and clean some more. I think about the different ways a scenario could have happened, or how I could have gone about expressing a certain emotion that I was feeling at that time.

Then I start to think that I’m all wrong, and what did I do this morning? I went to the internet! Because not only is the internet for porn, (thank you Avenue Q!) but it’s also filled with useless bullshit compiled by useless people with useless information on how to fix useless situations. “20 ways to please your man” and “10 signals that says the relationship is over” and “how to be subtle yet stern” – well F* all that bullshit.

It’s all useless.

and therefore we are all useless, mind numbing consumers of bullshit, which ultimately makes us bullshit!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my big F* you! I’m going to go back to my mind numbing bullshit of cleaning and learning how to not give a flying F* about people.

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