A few milestones

A few things have happened as of late that I feel are worthy of addressing, and frankly, should have been addressed a few days ago – but I’ve forgotten what day of the week it is, let alone the actual calendar date.

For over a year now, the great state of Georgia has recognized my marital status as “divorced.” This isn’t actually what I want to celebrate though – what I want to celebrate are two things: 1. Susie, my very good friend, actually forgot that I was even married and 2. My ex-husband and I are actually friends. This summer I saw a lot of my ex at summer league ultimate. It did help that he got a new dog to accompany the old dog we had together, and is ridiculously cute, but it also just stopped being awkward. A mutual friend of ours even said “I don’t know what you and Teddy decided – whether you guys would hate each other secretly and in public be really friendly, but being around you two isn’t awkward at all.” I think that these two things are what I would like to celebrate about this year milestone – that I made the right choice, and that the two of us are actually friends.

Another thing of note – I’ve lived in this apartment complex for a year. Not this actual apartment, because of the elephant troll who lived above me in the first apartment who made me switch, but in this actually apartment complex. I did it. I survived on my own, by myself, without the help of anyone. If you recall, or if you want to go back and read those posts, I was ridiculously scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle myself on my own. I’d screw up. (Not to say that this isn’t still a fear – because it is – it’s just a year under my belt makes me feel a little stronger?) However, I didn’t. I’m here! Yaya.

I’m happy. I have my two cats – Ollie and Saria – and they are little buckets of love who greet me happily every morning as I walk into the bathroom. They aren’t allowed to sleep with me because they are little buckets of love – and they keep me up by “making biscuits” on my face – all of which is adorable, but annoying. If they messed with Jac, it would be different – but they don’t. They only mess with me.

Oh, and hey – did I mention? I petitioned to Graduate in the Spring. I’m two semesters away from graduating. I’m two semesters away from being a college graduate. That’s something huge! I start my first day of my last fall semester on August 20th!

There is one more milestone – being in love with your best friend is like getting your cake and eating it, too. Being in love with a person who loves you for who you are, and not who would could be, is amazing. Being in love with someone who pushes you, but holds you up, is refreshing. Loving someone for their faults, as well as their strengths, is love. Love is a beautiful thing – and loving someone with every inch of your body is the most amazing feeling. I’m in love with my best friend, and I finally understand how to love. Thank you, Jac.


One thought on “A few milestones

  1. Yay buckets of love!! My kitty was making biscuits on my face last night as a matter of fact. I’ve got two cats and a dog at my house with scot, and there are four cats between Alan and his roommate! Two of which are four and five month old kittens! They are absolutely adorable but love to jump and play and wrestle on the bed while we try to sleep. And one of them purrs so loudly and he purrs alllll the time. But he’s just the cutest thing and is so sweet and cuddly and loves to give kisses.

    I’m so happy you’ve been able to find love with your best friend. That’s always the best. Scot and I have known each other for almost twenty years. It’s pretty incredible.

    And Huzzah for being able to make it on your own. It’s a great feeling.

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