The Cover Up

I painted my toes this morning. I always keep them painted. It’s one of the things that most athletic women try to do because their feet are so screwed up from cleats. Like, my feet: I’m missing a toe nail on my pointer toe, left foot. You can’t tell since I paint the skin and make it look like there is a toe nail. It’s growing back. Or like my big toe on my right foot – it’s got a huge bruise underneath it. It’s really gross looking, too.

And so every few days, I look down and notice that the polish is coming off, and so I re-paint them. I keep them pretty. I keep all the ugliness out.

And then it occurred to me – people do this all the time. We paint the ugliness out of our life, or so we think. The ugliness is still under my toe nails, it’s still visible every few weeks when the polish is faded. It’s the same thing with my life. The human life. Unless your Gandhi. That guy was pretty much the most beautiful man in the world. But, we do this regularly. We cover up. We hide. We take whats on the surface for face value.

So, at what point do we stop trying to cover up the ugliness and live with what we are? When do we stop lying about the truth? When do I expose the ugliness of my toes?

The answer: Never. My toes will always be painted.

This is probably the most illogical post I’ve ever done.




4 thoughts on “The Cover Up

  1. There’s nothing illogical about your post, but I’m looking at it from a different angle than perhaps you intended.

    First, in a literal sense, I’m trying to teach my children to take pride in their appearance because people, rightly or wrongly, judge others by how they appear. It’s an unfortunate characteristic of human nature that neither you nor I can change.

    But on another level, there’s a difference between simply covering up the ugliness of our lives and actually trying to do somethng about it. No one is perfect, but seeking to become a better person is an admirable and worthwhile goal. There are a lot of “ugly” people out there who run roughshod over those around them because they can. They take whatever they can and hurt others without remorse.

    Others understand they have flaws and seek to do what they can to overcome them. The latter may still have blemishes, but they are far more “beautiful” because they their heart is in the right place.

    No amount of makeup can make the first sort of person attractive, while the second individual’s beauty is apparent to those who know them and are a witness to their attempts better themselves.

    • I am so glad you understand my ramblings! And I do think that is really important, and I’m glad you’ve found this importance too, in that people have flaws and they are more beautiful when they let them show 🙂

      I love people, and people are beautiful. Especially when they are showing themselves to you for who they are – blemishes and all 🙂

  2. Do you need an amen? I’ve got one for you! So true that we hide our ugliness under so many disguises, but how often do we realize we’re doing it? I’m kind of humbled by this post, because you used the simplicity of a common occurrence to illustrate a very powerful message. Thanks, Sam!

  3. I love how tilted off the axis this post is. Great way to get people to actually think.

    And it reminds me to slap another coat of polish in my toesies in the morning.

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