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I’m back to writing. I’ve officially finished college and I’m moving forward in life. I’ve already got my big girl job and I’ve already started making solid money again, but it doesn’t feel like much has changed.

I guess I had this mental idea of what graduating college would feel like and I’ve been a little flustered that it hasn’t lived up to my expectations. Perhaps I was thinking I’d hear trumpets and I’d watch as confetti flung itself into the air as I cascaded down a sidewalk full of puppies and kittens celebrating every successful step I made – – okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit — but I didn’t think I’d feel a void.

I do, I feel a void. I feel like when I come home at night I need to be doing homework, or studying for some test, or checking my online database for homework or quizzes. But, I don’t. I don’t have to do anything like that anymore. I can work all day and come home at night to do what I want to do. Which is absolutely weird. Maybe I drove myself into the ground for these past four years with full time work and full time school. Maybe I just thrive on being stressed out – or maybe I’m just crazy.

But regardless of the craze, I’m happy. And more importantly, I’m free. I’m done with college and I defied the odds of graduating. I did it all by myself. And there were a lot of people who supported me during these few years, and I’m very thankful for them and thankful for their support.

I’m filling my life with books on my kindle, curtsey of my iPad Mini (my graduation present to myself) and I’ve gotten back into rock climbing. I’m reading the things that I want to read – like Game of Thrones! (So good)

I guess I’m just not use to all this free time. I’m going a little bonkers with all of it and not really what to do with myself, but it’ll be great once I figure it out! I’m sure that I’ll fill my evenings with crazy adventures and stuff to do – and besides, frisbee is here!

And more than anything, I’m ready to move forward. And move on.

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