A little bit of this – working hard.

People have said to me recently that they notice how happy I am, and have been, for quite some time now. People have also noticed that I’m a bit more of this, and a little bit more of that – and each time that “little bit” is something different.

My mom said to me on the phone the other day, “you’re so sassy lately” and in a subsequent phone call to my Pop he said “you’re just so excited lately!” And it’s true – I’m sassy and excited! Marvelous combination.

But why? What’s brought on this sudden burst of energy? A lot of things are finally going “my way.” Though, that sounds awfully trite, so I should say it rather like this – I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am and I’ve not taken a single day for granted. I’ve finished college, huzzah! I have a new awesome job, huzzah! I’m moving to Atlanta, huzzah! And I’m playing ultimate with the best womens team in Atlanta, huzzah! But not one of these things were handed to me, and not a single one of these things are going by the wayside now that I have them – in fact, I’m only working harder than I did before.

I think there is a common misconception between people who have things and how they get them. Sure, there are the fortunate people who happen to always be in the right place at the right time and reap the benefits of their timing. Then there are people like me, who work hard day in and day out for what they want, and don’t take kindly to hearing the word “no.”

I’m a fighter, and I do it with a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. I find the spunk; I find the connection, I find the destination I want and I work out a path and then just start chugging away.

And because I’m this stubborn little person, I’ve created a happiness and excitement in my life that is noticeable. I am very happy. And I worked hard for it! 

So here’s my thoughts on getting what you want – be prepared to work for it. Be prepared to  hit the bumps and the divots. Be prepare to be pushed back ten steps after just taking five, but be just as quick to jump up, brush off the dirt and work harder to gain back what you lost. 



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