Who I am – part 2

I started this blog in May, 2011. If you want to know about why I started it – you can find that information HERE!

I did not, in any way what-so-ever, anticipate it turning into something that I would love as much as I do. It has become a place that I’ve started to regularly venture to, knowing that it will provide me with release and with hope. I’ve found that people actually enjoy reading my stories about my childhood, or about the hell that I went through since I started this blog, or for the bit of randomness that I decide to talk about.

This blog has turned into my baby. It’s made me love writing even more than I could possibly explain.

What I didn’t do when I started this blog, mainly because I honestly didn’t think anyone would read it, was give anyone a really good idea of who I am. Who is Sam? What does she do? Why does she do it? So, here it goes. . .for those who are curious!

My name is Samantha Grace, though you will see on anything under WordPress that my name is Grace. I was named after my great-grandmother on my Dad’s side of the family whom I never met. I go by Sam in nearly all situations – work, home, school – and then on occasion, there  are the very few who venture to call me Sammie. With an “ie” not a “y” because, as much as I like to pretend sometimes, I’m not a boy.

I’m an athlete. I grew up playing softball, practicing martial arts, swimming, and then started playing ultimate frisbee. Now, I climb. I’m also planning on running 5k’s. That’s coming up. I was always an active child and enjoyed sports in every way. Hide-n-go-seek as a child was marvelous because, not only was I teeny, and could hide in places that people wouldn’t ever suspect, but I could usually outrun just about everyone.

I love to sing, very loudly, in my car while driving. I don’t sing in front of people very often because I get really nervous that I sound like a heard of cats being stomped on by some hairy-toed giant with brown toenails. I also drive like a bat out of hell and, if you live anywhere near me, I’ve probably tailgated you. I’m sorry. Most of the time I don’t even realize that I’m doing it.

I played the violin for a long time, and I liked it a lot. It was my only source of musical outlets I had, but I enjoyed it. My parents taught me about music as I grew up listening to The Eagles, James Taylor, Styx, Boston, Journey – you name it. My Dad plays the guitar, and use to jam out all the time. He would nominate me the as ” the beer girl” for a day – it was awesome. I would carry a sand bucket down the stairs filled with Budweiser to my Dad and his basement band. (A story sure to come)

I have a little brother, his name is Nick. He and I are about four and a half years apart. Recently (as of December 2011) he has been the topic of a lot of my posts. He currently lives in Florida. I miss him a lot and he really is a cool dude – but I tend to be very envious of him and how things tend to just fall into his lap. He’s an amazing golfer – which is what he went to college for. He enjoys making people laugh and has a huge heart. He’s amusing, and he reminds me a lot of Sawyer, from the T.V. show Lost. He’s like a conman, with his beautiful blue eyes, and can convince just about anyone to do anything for him. It’s a talent.

I’m an English major. In part, it’s because I work full time and go to school full time. I have to have something in the evening for school that I find enjoyable, so I decided to take English. I’ve not regretted that decision! Not even once. People often ask me what I plan to do with it, or why I decided on such a “useless degree” and then I laugh when they can’t construct a proper sentence. Or when they don’t know the difference between there, their or they’re – or the dreaded “alot”. English is a valuable degree because, in my own very personal opinion, it prevents me from looking like and idiot when I try and properly convey things to people via written English or spoken discourse. Not to mention it is so versatile!

I don’t have a religion – I’m a believer in life and love. I don’t want one, either, and I don’t care to impose my thoughts on religion on others, and don’t want theirs imposed on me. I’m down with Jesus; I’m down with God, but just in my own way. I know what I believe; I know what is in my heart, and I don’t really need anything else to direct me. My Dad grew up Roman Catholic. He decided when my brother and I were very young that he would let us find my own way. I am eternally grateful for this decision as it’s allowed me to find my own path. It’s allowed me to find my own way. Which feeds into who I am – an individual person, wandering through life in search of adventure without any direction but my own free will.

The biggest thing to know about me is that I’m free. Free as a bird to do as I will and as I want. I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. I’m the healthiest, too! I’m enjoying life for what it is – an adventure. There has never been anything more beautiful than a story, and I plan on writing mine one day at a time. I love stories, both telling them and listening to them. This is a place where my stories will unfold, and hopefully be enjoyed by all who read.

I’ve found someone in an unexpected way who feels the same way I do about life. He is eager to enjoy it with me, which is amazing. I’m so grateful for all the friends that I’ve made, and never want to let go of them. I’m so grateful that I had the strength and courage to put myself through a couple months of hell. I feel like a flower who lived through the bitter cold winter and is now blooming, delicately, in the spring. I am a new me and I’m writing a new chapter of my life.

I’ve learned so much about me and about life in such a short amount of time. Life is a gift- an adventure and one that you only get one shot at. Don’t hide from yourself; don’t hide from others. Be honest with who you are. The things that you want in life are important! Go for it. I did – the single biggest decision in my life has resulted in the best version of me possible. Love yourself as you want others to love you; you’ll find that people are going to enjoy being around. And don’t ever forget to tell the ones you love that you love them. 

With all my love,


4 thoughts on “Who I am – part 2

  1. Sam, you have my greatest admiration (and I am lacking Spell check). Just so you know, we all have those times when the little red guy with horns sits on both of our shoulders. We all seek to find a way to get rid of those fears and demons. Some people turn to religion. some turn to exercise and fitness. The thing is, the thing we are all seeking is BALANCE The caps aren’t shouting, just me making a point. There are many thinga that lead to our balance and it’s different with many people.

    Keep searching for you balance, Sam. Seems like you’re on a good road.

    • You are too kind! Thank you, so much, for such an awesome comment. I appreciate it, and fully understand the balance aspect. Life is all about the delicate balance that we hold our feet to.
      Thank you! Thank you.

  2. Sam, what a beautiful, moving story. Keep on writing, I love reading your works. I want to share one of my favorite quotes by Karen Ravn which reminds me of you and your potential.
    “Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”
    And you can and will do it all.

    What beautiful pictures of you baby !!!!!!

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