Freedom .. it’s nearing

I have submitted my paper on my corpus study of the two synonyms, Jealousy and Envy. It’s over. If I failed it, then I failed it. There’s not much I can do in its regards now. I don’t think I failed it – but, damn …. freedom is near! The final is tomorrow! So, what did I learn in my research, you ask? I learned that there is a difference between Jealousy and Envy and people use jealousy/jealous incorrectly all the time.  In short, being jealous means that you already have the object/person/thing that your are jealous of and what you fear losing; to be envious is to experience a longing for something that you don’t have, but want.

Jealousy Example: “I’m so jealous of my boyfriend talking to that girl.” (For all those paranoid girls out there) You’re jealous of your boyfriend because you already have him and fear losing him to said girl who he is conversing with.

Envy Example: “I am so envious of my friends new purse!” You’re envious of your friends purse because she has it, you don’t, and you want it.

What do you hear more frequently? “I’m so jealous of my friends new purse!” Yeah, wrong. Or “She’s so pretty! I’m so jealous!” Clearly, I’m digging into the realm of catty women, but, still – my point has been made!

What this comes down to is, I’m sorry I’ve not posted more. I’ve had thoughts bouncing around in my head, being scribbled on the corners of notebooks and on sticky notes at my desk, just collecting for when I have a chance to actually sit down and write. I’ve not really had that chance, but finals are almost over and I am, thankfully, almost done.

My current thoughts, however, are this:

I’m thinking that I want to try and write a few short stories and try and have them submitted. Despite my never posting any of them here, a friend and reader (hi!), planted this idea a few months ago and it has been slowing growing in my mind ever since. I’m starving for a creative outlet that could potentially be rewarding, even if it’s something small as a “hey, you’re published.” I also had a friend tell me that my writing was like crack and how she refuses to click on my blog when she is in the middle of school work because she knows that she will be lost in the dark abyss that is my blog – for hours. It was an odd, but really awesome compliment.

With all this nearing freedom, I’m not sure what to do with it! I want to paint, a lot. I want to read, a lot. I’m going to Denver the first week of January to go exploring and skiing with boyfriend. It’s going to be an awesome adventure that I cannot wait to partake in. Driving there and doing fun things – no work, no school, no nada – just fun. I’m itching, like mad, for this semester to just be over that I’m starting to feel the jitters.

So, about my sticky notes, and little scribbles on corners of notebooks, here’s a teaser about the things I’m going to write about soon:

Mom, she’s a big thing. Pop, he’s moving. Nick, he sucks and has awesome job that I am *envious* of, not jealous of. Exploration of my creative mind and starting some short stories – maybe I’ll just post them here, in snippets, and the story will grow throw the posts. My biggest fear right now – what the next five years hold.

And…I wanted you to sing to me last night.

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